Viral "bat" makeup conquered TikTok: what is the secret and how to repeat. Photo and video

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You can get different variations of ''bat wings''

Eye makeup plays a key role in creating a unique and attractive look. Recently, one of the most popular and spectacular makeup techniques has become the so-called "bat eye".

This stylish and seductive image adds drama and elegance, emphasizing the natural beauty of the eyes. OBOZREVATEL tells you the secret of this makeup and how to repeat it.

Step 1: Prepare your eyelids

Start by preparing your eyelids. Cleanse your skin and apply an eye shadow base to make your makeup last. If your eyelids tend to be oily, powder them to prevent smudging.

Step 2: Draw a line

Start at the inner corner of your eye and draw a thin line with eyeliner along your lash growth line. Then decide how long you want the "wing" to be. By "bat wings," it is meant that the line should point upward towards the outer corner of the eye.

Step 3: Marking the point of the "wing"

To get the perfect "bat wing" shape, mark the point where you want it to be. The "wing" line should be a continuation of the bottom line.

Step 4: Joining the line

After marking the point of the "wing", connect it to the eyeliner line on your upper eyelid. Create a clear and smooth line, gradually thickening it towards the outer corner of the eye.

Viral ''bat'' makeup conquered TikTok: what is the secret and how to repeat. Photo and video

Step 5: Fill in the space

Now that you have your "wing" outline, fill in the space between the top line and the skin on your eyelid. Use eyeliner or eye shadow to fill this space. Make sure the color is evenly distributed and the "wing" line is drawn carefully.

Step 6: Correction

Make sure the lines are symmetrical on both eyes. If you need correction, gently touch them up using a cotton pad with makeup remover or an applicator soaked in micellar water.

Step 7: Finish your eye makeup

To achieve the full bat-wing effect, do the rest of your eye makeup. Apply your favorite eye shadow and mascara and accentuate your eyebrows to give them a nice shape.

Bat wings eye makeup is the perfect technique for those who want a bold and phenomenal look. By practicing this technique and experimenting with different products, you can get different variations of "bat wings", adapting them to your style and occasion. It's important to be patient and not be afraid to experiment to discover your own unique vision.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, clean girl look is the most trendy makeup option for the last few seasons. It is like you don't have makeup at all. That's why it is also called "makeup without makeup". The main features of "clean" makeup are naturalness, radiant and smooth skin, neutral color palette, calmness, minimalism and glossy effect.

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