Violet will bloom continuously: how to properly water and transplant the plant

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How to water violets

Violets are unusually beautiful flowers that bloom almost all year round. At the same time, they are not difficult to care for at home. But like any plant, violets need proper care.

How often to water, how to transplant, and how to care for violets in general, was described in the publication by Vikna.

When caring for violets, it is worth remembering that they need bright, diffused light and warmth. During intensive growth - from +18 to +24 degrees, in winter - up to +15 degrees.

How to water violets?

Violets do not like too much water and begin to rot from excess moisture. Therefore, you need to water the plant when the soil begins to dry out. This usually happens several times a week.

It is recommended to use warm water for watering. It is better to pour it into a sump, not directly into the soil. You can also immerse the pot in water.

In the warm season, you can water violets from above, but make sure that the water does not get on the leaves.

How and when to transplant a violet?

A month after buying a violet, it should be repotted and then repotted every six months. In this case, the pot can be changed to a larger one only if necessary.

For transplanting, use light and loose soil that retains moisture well and add a baking powder to it.

The transplantation process itself is quite simple. It is advisable to take a small clay pot and pour about 2 centimeters of expanded clay drainage into it. And then you just add soil, plant the plant in the center and water it a little.

After the first transplant, it is worth watering the violet a week later so that the damage to the roots heals.

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