Video of a little girl grieving for her father who died in the war moved the network to tears: he is now in her heart

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A video of a little girl grieving for her father who died in the war brought the network to tears

A touching video of a little girl in tears calling for her dad has gone viral online. However, he will no longer be able to respond to her cry - the man died heroically in battle with the occupiers, defending his family and every Ukrainian. In addition to his daughter, the soldier is survived by his wife and youngest son.

The video was posted on TikTok by the children's mother, who buried her beloved. In the description below the video, she told how difficult it is for children to get used to the fact that their father is gone (to watch, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"I want everyone to see how much my child is hurting, every day we go outside and look at the stars. No matter what I buy for the kids: clothes, toys, trips on holiday, fun, no matter how hard I try to please them in everything, no one and nothing can replace their dad... I am grateful to you, my Hero, that I can live and see the blue sky," the woman touched the network with her words.

In the footage, the mother runs up to her daughter and asks why she is crying. The little girl answers through her tears: "I want my daddy." The woman tries to calm the child down and asks, "You know where dad is, right?" The girl wordlessly puts her hand to her chest, and her little brother helps her answer and says: "In his heart."


Later, the children, having calmed down, said: "Our dad is a hero," and their mother reminded them that they should never forget that.

Internet users could not hold back their tears. In their comments, they wrote: "For some reason, I want to say: 'I'm sorry"... I feel powerless in front of your grief", "God, what a crazy price for this war! I want to hug this child so much", "This is the case when I, a 30-year-old tough man, find it difficult to hold back tears. Children are not to blame for anything, and their father is a part of their little world", "My heart is breaking", "Kids... Now dad is in their hearts. Let this be the only grief in their lives. Let them be healthy and happy."


As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, the network was touched by a video in which the poem "Wings" by Ukrainian writer Lina Kostenko was recited by an Armed Forces soldier right at the front. He showed the "wings" of the Armed Forces soldiers, which brought the audience to tears.

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