Very useful in everyday life: where you can apply cat litter

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Cat and cat litter

Cat litter is a versatile item, traditionally made from materials such as clay, sawdust, dried polysilicic acid gel, and coniferous shavings.

Even if you don't have a cat, experts suggest keeping cat litter on hand as it can be surprisingly useful. Here are some tips from Lifehacker magazine on how and where you can use cat litter in your home.

Life hack for drivers

A practical life hack involves using an ordinary sock and clean cat litter to prevent condensation in the car. Cat litter's main function is to absorb moisture, and placing it in a sock can effectively pull excess moisture from the air, helping to eliminate foggy windows.

Cat litter can also provide traction on icy roads, aiding in getting a vehicle out of a snowy rut.

If your car leaves an oil puddle or you spill something greasy on a surface, sprinkling cat litter on the affected area can absorb excess liquids within a few hours. This works best on fresh stains rather than old ones.

Sprinkling cat litter on icy paths and stairs can reduce slipperiness to some extent.

Effective deodorizer

Cat litter's moisture-absorbing properties make it an effective deodorizer. To eliminate unpleasant shoe odors, place a paper insole in the shoe, fill an old sock with cat litter, and leave it inside the shoe overnight. This not only removes odors but also addresses excess moisture.

In a cat litter box, placing clean cat litter at the bottom can absorb any liquid leakage, reducing the release of harmful fumes into the air when lifting the lid.

For spaces with persistent musty smells, such as closets or pantries, leaving a sock filled with cat litter can help combat the odor.

Other household life hacks

To salvage a wet phone, wrap it in a clean sock or thin cloth to protect it from dust, then place it on cat litter. The litter effectively draws out moisture and might save your phone. However, it's advisable to contact a service center promptly for a better chance of saving the gadget.

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