UOC-MP reports Kvartal stars Koshovyi and Pikalov to police for jokes about pro-Russian priests: what the comedians said

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Pikalov and Koshovyi angered UOC-MP

The UOC-MP accused the stars of the Kvartal 95 and Bayraktar News shows, Oleksandr Pikalov and Yevhen Koshovyi, of allegedly "humiliating the honour and dignity of citizens in accordance with their religious beliefs". In one of the episodes of the show, the comedians made a joke about pro-Russian priests, which led the Moscow Patriarchate to "report" them to the police.

They called on all offended believers to write statements to law enforcement agencies. This is stated on the website of the UOC-MP (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate said that on December 7, 2022, on the Bayraktar News programme, Pikalov and Koshovyi joked about a "price list" of actions against the UOC-MP.


"It would be nice to have an appropriate price list: spitting at a priest of the UOC-MP - 20 UAH, leaving a "holy scripture" with a nail on an SUV - 50 UAH, hitting the left cheek and automatically the right cheek - 100 UAH," the stars joked.

The statement reads that "as a result" of these words, cases of physical violence against clergy have become more frequent. The UOC-MP called on all those who suffered "moral damage" from these jokes to contact the police.

"The Legal Department of the UOC appealed to the police with a statement about the commission of a criminal offence by citizens Koshov Yevhen and Pikalov Oleksandr. The Investigation Department is currently conducting a pre-trial investigation into the comedians' statements," the Moscow Patriarchate website wrote.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that the odious believer of the UOC-MP became a meme after she accused lesbians and gay pride parades of causing the war. The memes can be viewed here.

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