UN fell for Kremlin's grain blackmail: BILD reveals Guterres's letter with proposals to lift sanctions

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Guterres wants to lift sanctions on Russia
Guterres wants to lift sanctions on Russia

UN Secretary-General António Guterres is negotiating with the Russian Foreign Ministry on a possible easing of sanctions against Russia. It is assumed that some of the restrictions may be lifted in exchange for the resumption of the grain agreement. This is what the Kremlin demanded by blackmailing Ukrainian grain exports.

Thus, BILD has obtained a secret letter from Guterres, which he sent to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on August 28. The letter, according to the publication, says that the UN proposes to agree on a grain deal, which includes fulfillment of Russia's requirements.

It is about the removal of several sanctions. Four points are mentioned:

  • The lifting of sanctions against Rosselkhozbank in the EU and authorization to circumvent restrictions related to the disconnection from SWIFT

RSHB Capital SA ("Rosselkhozbank", - Ed.) will exchange messages with global financial institutions via SWIFT. (This will allow it. - Ed.) to assume the role of an interface and provide technical services for payments without playing the role of a bank, so it will not need a banking license under Luxembourg law," the letter of the UN Secretary-General said.

The journalists also contacted SWIFT, where they indirectly confirmed the data. "We are aware of the high-level discussions currently taking place around the Black Sea Grain Initiative and are closely following the developments," SWIFT noted.

  • Insurance of Russian cargo ships in the Black and Azov Seas by British Lloyd's insurer

"A UN co-funded insurance company for Russian food and fertilizer exports could start working with Lloyd's within 4-6 weeks.... The UN will support insurance to emphasize the importance of Russian exports to global food security and increase the number of market participants with the ultimate goal of lowering insurance costs to reduce Russian exporters," Guterres said in the letter.

Earlier, Lloyd's said it would not insure grain shipments from Ukrainian ports without a new corridor under the auspices of the UN. The company's CEO John Neil said that there were "active discussions" with the UN about a new agreement on a "grain corridor" in the Black Sea.

  • Partial return of the assets frozen in the EU to Russian fertilizer producers

"The UN can continue to help unfreeze frozen assets of Russian fertilizer companies in the European Union," Guterres wrote to Lavrov. The UN secretary-general asked the Russian Foreign Ministry to provide "a list of specific accounts or assets" and said that "Russian fertilizer companies should apply to the relevant EU national authorities for exemptions."

  • Allowing Russian food and fertilizer ships to dock in EU ports

"The UN is ready to consider further options to facilitate access of Russian vessels to EU ports in the context of trade in agricultural products, including simplified procedures for issuing relevant permits, including before leaving Russian ports," the letter says. It is noted that UN representatives have already "held talks with the European Commission and individual authorities (Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands)."

It is noted that the Kremlin has not agreed to the UN proposal yet. However, it is indicated that the Russian side does not respond because it considers the conditions "too good to be true" and doubts the reality of the implementation of the UN plan.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Ukraine officially offered Turkey to resume the work of the "grain corridor" in the Black Sea without Russia. There has been no response from the Turkish side so far, despite the talks between the presidents of Turkey and Russia.

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