Ukraine Starts to Export Electricity to Europe: To Whom We Sell

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Ukraine Supplies Electricity to Neighbors
Ukraine Supplies Electricity to Neighbors

Ukraine has already started exporting electricity to Europe - Moldova and Poland - and intends to increase supply volumes. The plan is to reach indicators exceeding those of last year.

This was announced by Minister of Energy German Galushchenko. He noted: the resumption of exports is Ukraine's response to the Russian attacks.

"This is proof that the terrorist state has failed in terms of destroying our energy system. And now we hope to reach the export volumes that we had last year. We are planning and will negotiate to increase them, because today the reserve in the system allows us to do so," the statement said.

At the same time, the minister assured: despite such plans, the key task is to meet domestic Ukrainian needs in electricity. Therefore, the sale of the resource can be stopped at any time - this will happen if "the appropriate level of generation is not ensured.

What the money will go to

According to Galushchenko, revenues from electricity exports will help attract additional financial resources to rebuild energy facilities that have been destroyed or damaged by Russian attacks. Nevertheless, he admitted, this money will not solve the problem completely.

"We do not see the possibility to fully cover the corresponding financial needs to restore the energy system until the next heating season at the expense of exports. But the possibility of receiving these funds will make it possible to financially feed our generators and companies for that," the minister said.

Who buys

Currently, Ukraine already exports electricity. According to Galushchenko, so far sales are in small volumes to:

  • Moldova;
  • Poland.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, at the same time, electricity tariffs in Ukraine may increase in May. After all, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the special period for preferential prices only until 30 April - until then the rates will be the same.

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