Transition to winter time: how to set your clocks

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In autumn, when the air temperature gradually becomes minus, one hour is also subtracted from the time

According to the regulations in force in Ukraine, this Sunday, October 29, we will switch to winter time. It will happen at 4 am and at that moment the clocks will need to be set back an hour.

OBOZ.UA tells you how to best adapt to this change. It also shares a mnemonic rule on how to remember which way the hands are turned and what to avoid in order to improve your condition on the transition days.

How to remember where the time is changed

For people who find it difficult to remember which way the hands change in spring and which way in autumn, there is a simple mnemonic rule specifically for this. According to it, time moves in the same direction as the air temperature. In the fall, the temperature drops, gradually becoming subzero, so one hour is "subtracted" from the time. In the spring, the heat arrives, and therefore the time on the clock at the moment of transition must be added.

However, with the advent of electronic gadgets, the need to deal with these nuances has become less acute. All devices connected to the Internet or mobile networks do this automatically. So you don't have to worry about your smartphone alarm going off at the wrong time. However, mechanical watches and electronic devices that do not have access to the Internet will have to be adjusted manually.

How to adapt to the time change

This change causes stress in the body in any case. This can result in sleep disturbances, deterioration of general health, and even exacerbation of chronic diseases. You may start to get tired quickly, lose concentration, and experience headaches.

To avoid these problems, doctors advise preparing for the change of time in advance. For example, in the fall, gradually go to bed a little later for a certain period of time before the change. It's also important to take care of your sleep hygiene, a proper diet, and physical activity to help you fall asleep more easily.

What to avoid during the change of time

If you know that you have a hard time adjusting to the new time, you need to relieve yourself as much as possible at least in the first week while your body gets used to the transition. So try not to schedule important meetings or sign any documents. Concentration at this time decreases and you may miss some key details.

Doctors also advise to refrain from managing complex mechanisms. For example, do not plan long trips behind the wheel. You should also avoid any high-risk work.

Try to reduce the level of stress in your life. Get more rest and spend time with people you care about. A good mood will help you to endure the period of time change more easily.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA talked about the "bridge" technique, which will help you fall asleep easily even at unusual times.

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