Top Secret: The most secret places on the planet that are almost impossible for tourists to get to

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Closed areas for tourists

Technological progress has shortened the distance between continents and virtually removed all barriers to the exploration of our planet. However, even now, in the era of openness and accessibility, there are places where no tourist will be allowed. More about this in the selection of OBOZREVATEL.

Ni'ihau Island (Hawaii, USA)

Imagine a small island in the Hawaiian archipelago, almost five times smaller than Kiev, where they wanted to place the headquarters of the United Nations. Tall palm trees, rare species of animals, and an unprecedented variety of greenery. All this should have attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world, but no one will be allowed here, even for the biggest money.

The fact is that in 1863 the Hawaiian king sold this piece of land in the middle of the ocean to the family of wealthy planters Robinson. They, in turn, at the beginning of World War I decided to isolate themselves from the world and build their own paradise on Earth. Admittedly, they succeeded.


The modern inhabitants of Niihau, who number barely 300, ride horses and bicycles, use hardly any telephones or other technology, pay no rent, have no knowledge of running water or sewage, and live in perfect harmony with nature. It is true that once a week children are ferried by boat to a neighboring island to a specialized school, where they are taught to read and write, but these unusual people do not need more.

If we disclose the whole truth, a few tourists have been to the island. But to do so, they had to get an invitation from the locals, which is not easy in the digital isolation of Niihau.


Area 51 (Nevada, USA).

There are thousands of legends surrounding this military base. There is talk that they are either conducting experiments on aliens who were captured during their landing on Earth, or dismantling their intergalactic ship or something similar (and maybe very dangerous for all mankind).


The first satellite images of this base were taken during the Cold War. However, the American top military leadership denied the existence of this facility for a long time. In 2013, after a huge wave of discontent among US citizens, the CIA publicly acknowledged the existence of Area 51. At that time, the scouts said that it was a military training ground, where tests of new types of aircraft are carried out.

Of course, the adherents of conspiracy theories were not satisfied with this answer. In 2019, they even tried to organize an "assault" on the base. It took place on September 20. However, of the 3 million people who supported the idea, only 150 people dared to reach the range. They were quickly dispersed, and the five most active were arrested.


Spitsbergen Island (Norway)

Imagine that the end of the world, which we feared so much in 1988, 2012, 2020 and who knows how many more times, has finally arrived. Where should the lucky ones who are lucky enough to survive go. Of course, one of the remotest Norwegian islands - Spitsbergen, which without a modern air transport or at least a ship does not get.

Why there? It is home to the largest and most protected seed storage facility, which now holds more than 250 million samples. And even if you get there, it's unlikely you can get inside the secret object, located in the sandy rock at a depth of 120 meters. Yes, and the entrance is closed with various security systems. It seems that something scientists made a mistake with the choice of location, but in fact it is the most suitable for the storage of so many seeds.


Spitsbergen is not all closed to tourists. Several thousand people live here, mostly working in the local mines. An interesting fact: about 12% of the local population are Ukrainians, more precisely - the inhabitants of Donbass. So you can come here to rest, if you're not afraid of the cold, the rough road and the very high cost of travel. But no one will let you close to the vault.


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