Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

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Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

Recently, bags have become especially popular elements of any women's outfit—they impress with their incredible sizes, bright prints, and non-standard models. The most stylish girls, such as Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratakovsky, and others, are hunting for the latest novelties that have just appeared on the catwalk. Without a doubt, the most sought-after bag that has gained popularity and continues to be a style icon is the Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch—classic, elegant, and restrained. However, in case you are not planning to stand in a long line for this bag yet, let's take a look at more affordable trendy options.

Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

My name is Anna Romanko, and today I will be your guide to stylish accessories.

Large bags

Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

Last year, there was a trend for bags in which you can put groceries, a laptop, a change of clothes... And even have room left over. This accessory was so popular with modern girls that designers decided to bring it into the spring-summer season. The choice is endless: it can be bag bags, tote bags, or oversized clutches. However, there is one important condition—they should be carried in the hands, not on the shoulders.

Pockets on bags

Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

Many celebrities have truly embraced the trend of pockets on bags, indicating that this familiar trend remains relevant in our wardrobes.

This trend is highly convenient for everyday use, allowing you to store sunglasses, a key holder, and headphones in the pockets. Such a bag is an excellent option for travel and exemplifies the rational use of bags for carrying numerous items.

Flat bags

Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

Some well-known brands, like Victoria Beckham and Chanel, have departed from standard models and introduced flat accessories reminiscent of fabric shoppers and business folders made of elegant leather and sequins in a nautical style. These bags will complement different outfits: the first option can be paired with suits or combination dresses, while the second, brighter and more playful, is recommended for wearing with kimonos and pareos, creating a carefree seaside look.

Knitted bags

Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

You don't have to hide what's in your bag!

Celebrities freely and enthusiastically showcase the contents of their bags, placing not only lip gloss, phones, and keys on the table but also tarot cards, candles, amulets, and other favorite items. Bags made using the chunky knitting technique will also become a trend in the spring-summer season.

They are textured and can serve as intriguing accessories if you choose a model with a relief pattern, an uneven surface, or elongated loops. Such a bag will last for a long time due to its construction with knitting threads. Additionally, a knitted bag offers ample volume and enough space to store all your everyday items.

Rigid handles

Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

Bottega Veneta showcased an unusual accessory: a wicker bag in a wine shade with a wooden fish instead of a wide handle. On the other hand, Ferragamo offered fashionistas a restrained alternative: their accessory has a strict shape and is decorated with a rigid golden handle with beaded threads descending from it. One thing is clear: this trend is unstoppable, and in 2024, fashionistas will be able to choose everyday models of this kind to their heart's content.


Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

Leather remains prevalent on the catwalk—an expensive material that always stays in trend.

However, in the new season, suede will become a serious competitor for leather, gaining popularity even on classic bags, such as Givenchy. What shades can you choose? I propose betting on natural colors: ocher, brown, burgundy, and khaki shades, which are always a good choice for women's accessories. In particular, burgundy is at the peak of popularity - you can't go wrong with it. Additionally, for luxury lovers and those who do not want to be "like everyone else" with Hermes, there is an alternative - suede bags from The Row brand in a chocolate shade.

This is true sophistication.

Top 7 trendy bags in 2024


Top 7 trendy bags in 2024

As mentioned earlier, the clutch continues to be the leader among bags in the fashion world.

And even if you don't have a clutch in your accessory collection, you can wear any bag as a clutch by simply unfastening the long chains or straps. Just like the option with a large XXL bag, which we hold in our hand or press to our elbow, as if there were no chains at all. This trick will make even classic versions with straps modern.

And that's all I have to say about it.

Now you know what accessories will be in fashion over the next 12 months.

Don't forget to choose a bag that will be proportionate to your parameters. For women with curves, medium and large bags are more suitable. Smaller models will suit women with fragile shapes, unless you plan to shock the audience on purpose.

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