Top 6 trendy manicure colours for winter 2023

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Dark colours and gloss are the main trends of the season

Dark varnishes are called the "little black dress" in manicure - they never go out of fashion. But this winter season, deep and rich shades are at the very peak of fashion.

According to American Vogue, dark nails give a feeling of rebellion, like in your youth, but at the same time still look elegant. They are also suitable for both short and long manicures. Fashion catwalks and red carpets of glamorous events show that the era of darkwave, the Matrix style, and the emo subculture is making a comeback. So, this winter, especially for New Year's parties, it is better to choose these colours.

Deep reds


Red manicure is an eternal classic that is not afraid of any trends and squeaks of fashion. This winter, experts advise choosing dark shades of wine. All the red that is associated with vampire aesthetics is more relevant than ever.

Absolutely black


Polished onyx is the standard if you decide to go for a black manicure this winter. The colour should be as glossy as possible. It is better to make the length short, but this is not an axiom, you can experiment.

Midnight blue


Of all the shades of blue, the most relevant now is the colour of the night sky. It is called the choice of new romantics. If the cold weather outside is enough for you, opt for royal blue - it has a warm undertone.

Glass green


The shade of moss in a manicure this winter should not be just glossy. The finish should resemble glass. Like the greenery of the northern forests suddenly covered with smooth ice.

Chocolate brown


Brown varnishes should be very pigmented and do not be afraid of metallic shimmer effects. Such a manicure will be both neutral and catchy, classic and festive. Restrained but rich colours with a grey undertone will also be a good choice.

Charcoal metallic


The combination of dark tones and metallic shine is reminiscent of the science fiction aesthetic, which is once again at its peak. Even just a regular shimmer with deep pigment will do, but holographic effects are the buzz of the season.

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