Top 5 rules that will simplify and speed up cleaning at home

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Rules to help get rid of dirt in the house

Decluttering and cleaning are an integral part of our daily lives. A clean home is not only good for your health, but also improves your mood. For example, imagine the pleasant feeling you get when you lie down in bed with clean, fresh, freshly laundered sheets. Cleaning isn't always a chore, and that's a good thing. With the help of handy tools, a few life hacks, and good music, you can turn a daily ritual into a pleasant pastime.

Apartment Therapy publishes many useful cleaning tips. Here are some of them that you should like.

Minimize cleaning waste. Give up disposable sponges and plastic bottles, think about the environment. Instead of paper towels, you can use old sheets, towels, or clothes that you don't wear by cutting them into rags. They can be stored in a basket under the sink with other cleaning supplies.

Don't leave your shower out. After bathing, your body remains clean, but hard water, foam residue, and your epithelial cells form dirt in the shower. Take a couple of minutes to wipe down the walls, tiles, and bathtub. This will reduce dirt buildup and save you time cleaning in the future.

Any carpet needs cleaning, but many people put off this process because they don't have the right equipment. But in reality, all you need is a vacuum cleaner. To freshen up your flooring, use the suction and blowing modes to clean both sides of the carpet. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, you can simply take the carpet outside and beat it the old-fashioned way.

Constant sweeping can become a routine when cleaning, but it is not always effective when you have pets. A roller for cleaning clothes will help you, but get a bigger size. With its help, you can easily collect all the lint left by your pet.

Cleaning the toilet, cleaning the closets, doing laundry - all of this requires attention and takes a lot of time. And every time we think about it, we fight with ourselves to get started. To avoid spending the whole weekend on it, divide your time into 20-minute intervals and do one thing at a time. This way, you won't waste a lot of time and energy, and part of the work will already be done.

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