Top 15 laundry mistakes almost everyone makes: do it right

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Experts advise to be more careful about washing

There are a lot of instructions on how to choose detergent, how to soften fabrics, and what washing machine mode to set on the Internet. But few people pay attention to the little things, such as things forgotten in your pockets or poorly sorted laundry, which can not only worsen the quality of the machine but also ruin your clothes.

The Sun interviewed experts who compiled a list of the 15 most common mistakes. Here it is:

  1. Paper napkins left in your pocket. When they come into contact with water, they cause white cellulose "fluff" to appear on the laundry.
  2. Washing a colored item with white one. This spoils the whiteness of all the things put in the machine.
  3. Coins forgotten in your pockets. Not only do they rattle in the drum, but they can also damage fabrics and even the drum itself during intensive spinning.
  4. Keeping wet clothes in the machine for a long time after washing. At best, this will lead to an unpleasant odor, and at worst, the fabrics may have time to grow mold.
  5. Washing intensively shedding clothes together with non-shedding clothes. This leads to colored stains and contamination with foreign dyes.
  6. Overfilling the drum. It's good to fill the machine to save detergent, water, and electricity. But if you overdo it, you will significantly reduce the quality of the wash. There needs to be space between the laundry for water and foam to penetrate.
  7. For the same reason, the machine may start to make an unpleasant disturbing noise during operation. This is the first sign that you need to reconsider your approach to filling it.
  8. Washing red items with other clothes. This way, almost everything you wear runs the risk of turning pink.
  9. Choosing the wrong mode. Too high a temperature and too intense a spin lead to shrinkage, deformation, and damage to clothing.
  10. Adding detergent and fabric softener to the wrong tray. This will cause the detergent to enter the drum at the wrong stage of the wash and may reduce the quality of cleaning and make rinsing more difficult.
  11. Washing delicate items with wrong programs. This can quickly lead to fabric damage.
  12. Reluctance to clean the washing machine. In addition to the fact that this will accumulate scale in the mechanism, which can lead to breakdowns, it can also provoke the appearance of various kinds of stains on the washed clothes.
  13. Excessive load on the machine, which can cause it to leak.
  14. Using an excessive amount of fabric softener. This affects the absorption capacity of the fabrics.
  15. Phones, headphones, wallets and other items left in the pocket. Contact with water and intense rotation in the drum will most likely damage them irreparably, so always check all of them, even the smallest pockets, before loading the laundry.

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