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Unusual French manicure ideas

The onset of spring is always accompanied by a strong desire to play with your style and image, adding more colour and lightness to them. Do not forget that manicure is also a part of the image and it can also convey your mood. As always, the trends include the eternal classic - the French manicure. But what if you dilute this classic with unusual and bright ideas?

You don't have to limit yourself to white varnish. French manicure can also be coloured and not boring. OBOZREVATEL has collected for you the TOP-10 unusual ideas for this type of nail art.

Rainbow French


While the classic white tip look is the standard for French manicure, these rainbow nails are a slightly quirky but definitely bright take on this style. It will be especially appreciated by ladies who, due to work or other factors, cannot afford to wear colourful clothes - a rainbow French manicure can definitely fulfil this need.

Melting French


The sun will soon be so hot that we'll miss the cooler days. Can you imagine if the heat caused the nail polish on our nails to melt? Luckily, this does not happen, but you can fantasise with a design on this topic.

Cow print


The animal print continues to inspire designers, stylists, and makeup artists around the world, and now it has reached manicurists. This season, the cow print is especially relevant, as it will look incredibly harmonious with denim looks, which are at the peak of popularity in spring 2023, and trendy Cossack boots.

Neon French


Spice up your look with multi-coloured neon tips instead of plain white. Play around with the palette and choose colours that are completely different but still match each other.



A funny interpretation of the French manicure that will definitely look very stylish.

Floral French


Combine sharp black French with miniature daisies for a fresh and cute look this spring.

Shiny French


The popular aesthetics of nighttime luxury inspires glitter and glamour. The combination of glitter with an ultra-thin jacket, which has been very relevant for the past few seasons and is loved by girls for its neatness and sophistication, will be especially successful.

Inspired by the noughties


Pink tips and cherry nail art are among the hottest trends of 2000 that can be safely combined. We are inspired by the noughties and are waiting for the release of the new Barbie film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the right way.

French jacket with an ombre effect


This is a modern adaptation of the traditional French manicure. Its difference lies in the gradual "disappearance" of the varnish from the pinkish-flesh base to the white tips. That is, you will not see clear stripes on your nails. Instead, there is a smooth gradient. But if we're talking about unusual manicure ideas, it's better to make a coloured ombre - just what you need for the warm season.

Holographic French


Kim Kardashian's fans are guaranteed to get alien nails, because it was she who set the trend for them.

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