Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham and others: 5 stars who have changed beyond recognition. Photos at the peak of fame and now

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Tom Cruise is now 60 years old, and Victoria Beckham is 49

Fame and money change people. Only in one case do huge fees turn celebrities into sex symbols and audience favourites, while in the other, they play a cruel joke. Madonna and Renee Zellweger clearly overdid it with the "transformation", but Victoria Beckham has benefited from age.

OBOZREVATEL presents to your attention famous personalities who have impressed fans with changes in appearance. Some of them are truly unrecognisable (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Tom Cruise

Three-time Golden Globe winner and four-time Oscar nominee Tom Cruise was the ideal of male beauty 20 years ago. Nicole Kidman, who was married to the star in his golden years, was the envy of all the fair sex. However, over the years, he has lost his former charm. At first, Cruise noticeably gained weight and surprised the audience with chubby cheeks, and after a while he lost weight dramatically. Now the 60-year-old actor is proud of his shape and continues to play leading roles in films.


Victoria Beckham

The wife of the famous footballer David Beckham is only getting prettier over the years. Previously, she could not boast of chiselled features and a toned body, but now the 49-year-old businesswoman literally shines on every red carpet and event. And this is after four childbirths.



Madonna, 64, cannot accept her age. The legend tries to prolong her youth as long as possible, but sometimes the result is very frightening. Let's recall how she shocked the audience with her unrecognisable face at the Grammy Awards 2023. Back then, she was compared to Saw and criticised for her plastic surgery. However, we need to put ourselves in her shoes, because a relationship with a 29-year-old boyfriend takes effort.


Tori Spelling

With her mop of blond hair, big eyes and radiant smile, Californian Tori Spelling drove many men crazy when she appeared in the Beverly Hills 90210 series. Since then, she has done a huge amount of manipulation with her appearance, from rhinoplasty to liposuction and breast augmentation. Now it's hard to distinguish the 49-year-old actress from Kim Kardashian and her other sisters, who look like two peas in a pod.


Renée Zellweger

The American actress became famous for her role as Bridget Jones, for which she had to gain 14 kilograms. The film hit the big screens in 2001, when the celebrity was 32 years old. Back then, we saw a lush blonde with lively facial expressions and rosy cheeks. But over the years, Renée has become a victim of a plastic surgeon, although she denies that she has ever used the services of professionals. By the way, many of the star's fans have noticed that she has changed beyond recognition.


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