Thunderstorms, hail and heavy showers: forecaster warned Ukrainians about unpleasant "surprises" in July

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July is the hottest month in Ukraine

In July, Ukrainians expect a mixture of weather conditions, alternating hot and relatively cool periods, as well as thunderstorms, hail and showers. In this case, the distribution and intensity of precipitation over the territory of Ukraine appear to be uneven.

This was reported by Ihor Kybalchych, candidate of geographical sciences and forecaster. He noted that July in Ukraine is considered the hottest month with an average temperature of +19 ... +25 °C, in the Carpathians +13 ... +18 °C.

The maximum temperature ranges from +34 ... +39.9 ° C, the absolute minimum is +1 ... +9 ° C. Heavy rains happen almost every year, sometimes there are whirlwinds and hurricanes of elemental force.

This year the temperature in July will be higher than the multiyear average. Maximum daytime temperature will be +27 ... +33°C in most parts of Ukraine, except for western and northern regions, where comfortable +23 ... +28°C is expected. Low precipitation is expected in the southern and eastern regions. At the same time in the western regions of Ukraine, especially in the Carpathians, there will be an excessive level of precipitation.

In the second decade of July the temperature will also be higher than normal, the highest will be traditionally observed in the south of the country. Distribution of precipitation will be uneven. Thunderstorms, hail and strong winds are expected.

The third decade of July may be cooler and wetter. However, in the southern parts of the country, humidity remains at a fairly challenging level.


We remind that in Ukraine over the next weekend, July 1 and 2, rain is expected in the west, as well as in the north and in the center. Precipitation may be accompanied by thunderstorms. In the south, the temperature remains high. On Sunday in some areas it will reach +31 and even +32 degrees.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, forecasters expected that the beginning of July in Ukraine will be marked by thunderstorm rains in most regions.

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