Three zodiac signs that are prone to cheating are named: they can not admit guilt

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All representatives of the zodiac circle have different attitudes towards cheating in relationships. Some tend to justify such actions, while others do not tolerate the betrayal of a loved one.

Astrologers at Lebonbon have identified three zodiac signs that are more likely to cheat. They do not consider themselves guilty and do not recognize deception.


Natives of this sign hate routine. They surround themselves with interesting people and make new acquaintances. However, one day this hobby can lead to betrayal because Sagittarians love flirting and find it hard to resist temptation.

If Sagittarians are caught cheating, they will try to justify themselves, although unlikely to succeed. Natives of this sign are not the type to easily disguise their true emotions.


Emotional Aquarians don't feel guilty if they cheat on a loved one. They are able to "shift" the responsibility for such an act to their partner and will find many reasons to justify it.

However, if they are not caught red-handed, the natives of the sign will do anything to hide the truth. For a while, they may even carry on a double affair.


Natives of this sign are "fluent" in the art of deception. They can cheat without anyone knowing. However, it is difficult for them to decide on divorce or marriage.

Libras don't like conflicts, so if they are caught, they will try to avoid a loud showdown. The partner may not expect an apology from them

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