This ordinary kitchen item is a real "lifesaver" for plants: what is the secret

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This ordinary kitchen item is a real "lifesaver" for plants

Indoor plants need not only watering and feeding but also proper drainage. You don't need to buy special materials for this because you can use one item from the kitchen that we often just throw away.

Lack of moisture or excessive moisture can have a bad effect on the condition of plants. That's why a gardening expert on the YouTube channel simple & fast shared a life hack that will help preserve not only your flowers but also nature in general.

The expert called an ordinary kitchen item a real "lifesaver" for indoor plants. As strange as it may sound, it is an ordinary kitchen sponge.

Kitchen sponges are not only a useful tool for washing dishes but also an unusual material that can be used to care for indoor plants.

Usually, people just throw them away, which is not only unprofitable but also pollutes the environment because foam rubber takes a long time to decompose. Therefore, by giving sponges a new life, you not only take care of your flowers but also preserve nature.

Life hacks

Using kitchen sponges as drainage will help retain moisture and nutrients in the soil longer. In addition, if you accidentally watered your plant too much, the sponge will absorb and retain excess moisture and help prevent stagnant water that can lead to root rot.

First, you should disinfect the old sponge. To do this, leave it in soapy water for an hour.

After soaking, rinse the sponge well and cut it into fairly small pieces.

Next, take a pot, add some soil to it, and put the sponge pieces on top. At this stage, they are already beginning to absorb nutrients and moisture from the soil.

This ordinary kitchen item is a real ''lifesaver'' for plants: what is the secret

Then all you have to do is transplant the plant directly onto the sponge pieces and cover it with soil.

Now the moisture will stay in the soil longer. In addition, there will be a gradual release of nutrients absorbed by the sponge. The material will act as a natural fertilizer dispenser, eliminating the need for frequent fertilization.

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