This is what happened to a Russian footballer for chanting "Glory to Russia!" in Turkey. Video.

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A short video with the consequences appeared

A video has emerged from the Turkish Royal Seginus hotel in Antalya, where a fight broke out between players of the Ukrainian club Minaj and Yaroslavl's Shinnik. The video shows that one of the Russian team's players, Artem Semeykin, was beaten up pretty badly.

The 26-year-old defender has a black eye and a severe cut, which is covered with a plaster.


"I was sleeping at all. I heard someone shouting in the corridor: "Glory to Ukraine!" I went out and said: "No, bro, glory to Russia". After that, it all went downhill," Semeykin said in an interview with Match TV.

Earlier, it was reported that Shinnik players were being urgently evacuated from the Royal Seginus Hotel to another hotel. In addition, the first video of the fight between Russian and Ukrainian players was published.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the management of Yaroslavl's Shinnik named those responsible for the fight between the team's players and Minaj players.

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