Things that devalue an apartment: what guests immediately pay attention to

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You can't hide a radiator, and bright furniture looks very outdated

It's always nice to think through the interior of your home to the smallest detail, decorate everything carefully, and move into your dream home. But some details can spoil even a designer renovation and then hurt the eyes of both the owners and guests. These are the items that make the furnishings look cheaper. As if they saved a lot on labor and materials, even if they didn't.

OBOZREVATEL talks about these items. And advises on how to remedy the situation.

Heating radiators

This essential element of the home's life support system is simultaneously a nightmare for designers. Radiators are challenging to hide, indispensable in our climate, and aesthetically pleasing design options are often costly. A simple solution to make radiators less conspicuous is to paint them the same color as the walls, allowing them to blend into the background.

Bright furniture

While vibrant furniture may be suitable for a child's room, it's not the best choice for the kitchen or an adult bedroom. Bright colors can become tiresome quickly, and the trend of excessive color bursting in the early 1990s has aged and appears cheap. Experienced designers recommend opting for furniture in basic or muted shades and introducing brightness through accessories, decor, dishes, or textiles.

Plastic surfaces

Window sills, countertops, doors, and skirting boards made of plastic are durable and cost-effective but can compromise the overall appearance. Plastering and painting plastic to match the wall color can improve its appearance, or the plastic itself can be painted, although this is a more intricate and multi-stage process.

Glossy ceiling

Once it occurred to someone that the gloss of the ceiling, which reflects the room, will work in much the same way as a mirror - expand the space, and make the room visually larger. And a fashion for such finishes appeared. But it quickly became clear how bad of an idea it was. To install a mirror so that it enlarges the room and does not visually multiply the clutter, you need to think carefully about its location. You can't do that with the ceiling - you can't move it. It will reflect everything. Moreover, from a very uncomfortable angle. The glare from the window and lighting will look very pretentious. That's why it's better to choose a matte or satin finish.

Cheap fittings

Choosing inexpensive items such as sockets, switches, door handles, and hooks might seem tempting to cut costs initially. However, the longevity and appearance of cheap fittings are compromised; white plastic yellows, metal finishes wear off, and internal parts break down. It's advisable to strike a reasonable balance rather than compromising on quality.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how to improve the interior inexpensively even without repair.

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