They will bloom until frost: what frost-resistant shrubs to choose for garden

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Flowers bloom in the garden

It's important to strike a balance when arranging a cozy garden. To keep your garden bright and pleasing to the eye from spring to late fall, you should plant frost-resistant shrubs.

Experts advise dividing the garden into zones and filling it with flowers, shrubs, and trees. Don't forget about the green fence. What frost-resistant varieties will decorate the garden until the frost with, read in the material of OBOZ.UA.


Unpretentious hawthorn will grow under any conditions: on arid beds, on swampy soil, in the sun, in drafts, and the shade. The hawthorn genus is numerous and includes almost 1,000 species. The bushes begin to bloom in early summer, and bright fruits appear by fall.


Hydrangea is an incredibly beautiful plant and its height can reach two meters. Small flowers are collected in large spherical inflorescences. The color varies depending on the variety: from white to deep purple.


Lilac is a real symbol of spring. It is a very popular shrub in Ukraine, which is found on almost every household plot. All varieties of lilacs are unpretentious and winter-hardy, but the flowering season does not last long. Lilacs will become a spring decoration of the garden and fill it with an incredible aroma.


Calamus is a medium-sized shrub with shoots and leaves that have a persistent pleasant aroma. The most popular and fragrant variety is the flowering calamus. The plant blooms with red-brown flowers up to 5 centimeters in diameter. The buds appear in June and early July, followed by attractive dark red or white fruits that will decorate the garden until frost.


The meadowsweet is very unpretentious. A wide variety of colors and species allows you to choose the variety that will fit the landscape. The flowers are collected in corymbose inflorescences and bloom from July to early fall. Afterwards, the fruits are formed on the tawny branches, which will not fall off until about October.


Forsythia will decorate the spring garden with long flowering: from three weeks. The plant has deep yellow flowers, and the height of the shrub varies from 1 to 3 meters.

Garden jasmine

Garden jasmine is less whimsical and more frost-resistant than ordinary jasmine. In total, there are more than 70 species of this crop in the wild. You can choose a variety to suit the landscape of your garden as there are low-growing varieties, and there are species that reach up to three meters. The flowers have white or creamy shades and a rich, pleasant smell. Jasmine will decorate the garden with flowers from May to early August.

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