"They don't deserve it": Rotan speaks about Russia's friendly matches

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Rotan calls to ignore Russians

Ruslan Rotan, the acting head coach of the Ukrainian national team, called for ignoring the friendly matches of the Russian national team and not paying attention to their opponents. According to the young specialist, anyone who agrees to play with the aggressors supports the war in our country.

Rotan said this at a press conference before the opening match of the Euro 2024 selection with England, the official website of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) informs. He added that Russia has violated international norms and must be completely isolated.


"Those countries that agree to play with the aggressor country are supporting what it is doing in Ukraine. The best thing we can do is to ignore it and those who play with it. They do not deserve to be talked about. What deserves attention are those countries that respect international norms, especially human rights. We need to talk about this and reject those with whom Russia plays, not even mention them," Rotan said.


The Russian national team will play Iran in Tehran on March 23. A match with Iraq is also scheduled for March 26, but it has not yet been officially confirmed.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Russia complained about the problems of the national team and announced a "gradual return" to international soccer.

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