They are over 70: how the first Bond girls have changed. Photos then and now

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Some of the "Agent 007" women retained their charm, while others overdid it with plastic surgery.

From the Bond story, we know that for 60 years he was always obsessed with his work, and in his personal life he remained an avid womaniser. In almost every new film, the man fell in love with another beauty.

As of 2023, 26 films have been made about Agent 007. So, let's see how the first beauty icons of the legendary Bond series have changed.

1. Ursula Andress (87 years old)

Swiss actress and 1960s sex symbol Ursula Andress played James Bond's first girlfriend in the film Dr No (1962). She received a Golden Globe for this role. Later, the celebrity starred in the Bond parody Casino Royale (1967). In adulthood, Ursula underwent plastic surgery, but minimally (she removed the deepest wrinkles) to preserve her natural facial features.


2. Shirley Eaton (86)

The English actress, writer and singer Shirley Eaton gained worldwide fame for her role as a Bond girl in the film Goldfinger (1964). In adulthood, the star calmly accepted the age-related changes on her face and body skin, so she did not go to surgeons and cosmologists for beauty injections and lifts.


3. Jane Seymour (72 years old)

In 1973, American actress, producer and writer Jane Seymour starred as a Bond girl in the film Live and Let Die. After 30 years, the celebrity decided to make delicate changes to her appearance: she slightly removed wrinkles, tightened her face and had breast surgery. Jane managed to maintain a balance and not overdo it, which is why she was invited to film until 2016.


4. Britt Ekland (80 years old)

Swedish actress and fashion model Britt Ekland starred in the ninth Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974). When her skin became covered with wrinkles and lost its elasticity, the star did not hesitate - she immediately injected herself with Botox and went under the knife to make her oval more defined. Now it's impossible to recognise Britt's youthful features.


5. Barbara Bach (75 years old)

American and Italian actress Barbara Bach starred in the film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Like Jane Seymour, she is not averse to delicate cosmetics. It helped her not to lose her individuality and look great at 75.


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