These three zodiac signs "radiate" negative energy: it is hard to be around them

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Zodiac signs with negative energy

Some people literally "radiate" negative energy as they often complain about problems, suffer from depression, and make others feel sad. This may be due to the influence of zodiac constellations.

Supereva astrologers have identified three zodiac signs that are characterized by negative thinking. It is very difficult to be around them.


Sensitive Cancers take everything too personally. They worry and suffer even over trivial things and constantly complain to others about problems. It's hard for their loved ones to feel happy around them. Cancers often get depressed because they don't know how to deal with their emotions.


Natives of this sign are often disappointed in the people around them and in the work they have chosen. They dream of an ideal world, and the slightest problems cause panic. They see danger and conspiracies everywhere, which makes it difficult for them to build relationships with other people.


Pessimistic Libras may appear to be calm, focused, and rational people, but this is only at first glance. If something goes wrong, they literally "radiate" negativity. To feel better, Libras need a lot of attention, which is exhausting for their loved ones.

Which zodiac signs are the most vindictive

Supereva celebrity experts have also named five of the most vindictive zodiac signs that are capable of revenge. Here's who made the list:


The natives of this sign are always on alert as they love praise and hate to be criticized. If someone criticizes them, they immediately turn into enemies. Cancers can wait for the right moment to take revenge.


People of this sign are characterized by a complex nature as they hide their true feelings. Geminis can smile and be very friendly, but they can also plot behind their backs. They think carefully about how to take revenge.


Libra accepts criticism, but that doesn't mean they're ready to tolerate it. The natives of this sign will take revenge on the offender at the moment when he or she expects it the least. It is better not to make them angry.


Leos hate it when someone questions their achievements. They are ready to do anything to enjoy respect and authority. Natives of the sign can take revenge on the offender at any time and nothing will stop them.


Natives of this sign know how to set up others, spread gossip, and undermine the reputation of those who have offended them. The fact is that they strive to be the best and hate being criticized.

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