These things spoil the energy of the house: psychologists have named the junk that you should get rid of

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Don't hold on to things that don't make you happy

Our psyche is going through an extremely difficult time right now, so we don't need any more negative emotions. Meanwhile, we are often surrounded by many things that make us unhappy, even if we don't realize it.

The ArchZiner blog advises you to look around, identify objects that seem to accumulate negative energy, causing heavy emotions, and get rid of these things. We will tell you what these things can be below.

Books you don't read

A large library looks good in a photo, but what good is it? Especially in a small city apartment. It clutters up space and collects dust, that's all. Go through your books. Give some to the library, give some to friends, or exchange them at a bookcrossing, and keep only the most necessary or especially favorite volumes. Read what is relevant to you right now. And part with it easily.

Unused decorative cosmetics

While we usually use up all of our care products, this is not always the case with makeup. For example, when was the last time you ran out of an eyeshadow palette? In the meantime, cosmetics expire, lose their basic properties, and eventually become dangerous to your skin. Just throw it away - your face and your home deserve better.

Children's things around the house

No, you don't need to throw Lego bricks in the trash as soon as you step on them again with your bare feet. But you shouldn't clutter up your space with toys, educational books, puzzles, and children's clothes either. Therefore, from an early age, in a playful way, teach your child to put things back immediately. Let cars go to the garage, dolls and teddy bears go to their beds, puzzles and construction sets go into boxes, and books go on the shelves.

Old newspapers and magazines

While books often do not lose their relevance for years and can actually be useful to you for a long time, the press cannot boast of this. But it's not inferior in terms of dust-collecting properties. Do you remember the last time you flipped through an archived issue of a magazine? That's right. Feel free to blow the dust off the binder thrown into the far corner and send it to a recycling center.

Items from your childhood

All those favorite dolls and teddy bears are terribly sentimental things. That's why it's so hard for us to part with them. But try an experiment - first, hide them away for at least a month or two. How often will you think about them if they disappear from your sight? If never, then it's time for you to part ways. You can give some things a second life by giving them to friends' children or to charity. If, of course, these things are suitable for this.

Dust collector souvenirs

All these travel magnets, figurines, pictures, postcards, souvenirs from friends are great and so satisfying at the time of purchase or gift. But then the problems begin when they turn your home into a museum of unidentifiable things. Psychologists say that such clutter increases the level of irritation, and feng shui experts say that it blocks the energy of the home. So what should you do if you want to please your loved ones and not block some important channel of communication with space? Bring something edible instead of the Eiffel Tower keychain. This will bring positive emotions in the moment, a reason for a small friendly party, and no extra junk.

Materials for an abandoned hobby

From time to time, many of us try some new and exciting activities - beadwork, macrame weaving, pottery. But then the routine comes back to haunt us, and the materials we bought for an unfulfilled hobby become a dead weight. So, if you haven't done something for two years, try to find new owners for these things who will really need them. At the same time, you'll make room for a new hobby that you might have better luck with.

Old and broken cables

We've been spending the last 15 years or so strapped to a power outlet. That's why the number of chargers, adapters, and other gadget cables has already roughly equaled the number of cobwebs that our great-grandmothers collected in their homes before the big spring cleaning. Therefore, cables can be treated the same way as cobwebs - by getting rid of them. Especially since technology is developing so fast that all this junk is unlikely to come in handy again.

Things with negative associations

Gifts from unpleasant people, objects that remind you of injuries and illnesses, things of ex-lovers - as a rule, they are lying somewhere in the farthest corner, and when they do catch your eye, they make you cringe. You don't need this stress and even the risk of this stress. Say goodbye to unpleasant artifacts of the past. Instead, get yourself a box for pleasant memories - this is exactly what you need.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, you can go further and radically get rid of all the junk and unnecessary things. Blogger Anna Goncharova, who is an expert in minimalism, told us how to get rid of all the unnecessary things.

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