There's a system on Earth that spontaneously "leaks" data to aliens: it's used by all humans

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At least three star systems can hear humans

Mobile phone towers, which are now almost everywhere, send a single, super-powerful signal into space, which can be used by extraterrestrial life forms to map the Earth and identify the places where the most people live.

Such theoretical conclusions were reached by scientists whose article was published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. They note that mobile communication towers are a relatively new source of radio leakage associated with the planet Earth, but they already rank second after military radars.

Scientists note that almost all people on the planet now have mobile phones, and for them to work, mobile towers must be installed, which not only distribute the signal between gadgets but also send it beyond the boundaries of our planet.

These towers cover a large part of the earth's surface, especially in densely populated areas, and constantly transmit radio signals into outer space.

Scientists estimate that each tower emits a radio signal with a power of 100-200 watts, and therefore, given the number of towers and the amount of leakage, we can talk about several gigawatts being emitted into space.

The Earth constantly sends a powerful radio signal into space.

Scientists have suggested that if an alien civilisation has advanced radio astronomy, then such a signal can be picked up at a distance of about ten light years. But there is a correlation with the location of the aliens in space.

Scientists explain that the bulk of the towers' radio signal is emitted parallel to the Earth's surface, so the signal is stronger when our planet rises or sets from the aliens' point of view.

It is also obvious that since most of the towers are located in the northern hemisphere, a star in the northern part of the sky will receive a stronger signal than in the southern part.

Despite the fact that the signal that aliens can receive is quite strong, scientists reassure that they are unlikely to be able to eavesdrop on people's conversations or read correspondence simply because all these signals come to them as one single signal containing all conversations and correspondence at the same time.

However, thanks to this signal, aliens can explore the Earth. In particular, they can find out the speed of the Earth's rotation as well as its axial tilt. They may also be able to map the Earth, determining where the land is and where the sea is, and obtain data on the distribution of the planet's population.

Among the potential recipients of the signal from the Earth are Alpha Centauri, which is located in the southern hemisphere, but only 4 light years away; Barnard's Star - 6 light years away and HD 95735 - at a distance of 8 light years. All three of these star systems are known to have planets, but according to Earth-based scientists, none of them are potentially habitable.

Scientists also warn that after the transition to 5G towers, the signal from Earth will become even stronger and more accessible to other stars. Various types of satellite services, including low-orbit constellations such as Starlink and OneWeb, will also contribute to signal amplification.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL also told the story of the extraterrestrial WOW! signal, which the Earth received in 1977.

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