There will always be happiness in the house: folk signs for those looking for good luck

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Folk signs

Our ancestors believed that certain objects could attract good luck and happiness to the family, so they were sure to keep them in their homes. The magical power of certain things created a sense of hope, friendliness and comfort.

OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of such items. If you believe in superstitions, you should definitely have the following things in your home.


A horseshoe brings good luck and prosperity. The main thing is to find the right place in the house. The horseshoe should hang above the front door with its legs up to form a "bowl" that will contain love, success, and happiness. Avoid an upside-down horseshoe as it is believed that all happiness will spill out and the house will be empty.


Our ancestors believed that garlic is a powerful amulet against evil spirits. If you want to protect your home, place it on the four corners of the table. And to improve your health, hang a bunch of garlic in the corner near the ceiling.


There should always be honey in the house if you want your family to be rich. Even in ancient times, the hosts treated honored guests with the treat so that the family would be respected.


Every home should have an icon. It is a powerful amulet that will protect the family from evil spirits and fill the house with peace, harmony, and mutual understanding. Our ancestors used to ask for blessings and health for themselves and their families in their prayers.


If you have problems and troubles in your life, light a blessed candle and pray. Usually, believers keep Easter and Mardi Gras candles throughout the year. They have a special power.

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