The zodiac sign that is susceptible to stress the least is named: it is impossible to annoy them

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The zodiac sign that is prone to stress the least is named

Some people are highly resilient to stress and it's almost impossible to make them angry. They are able to keep their cool even in difficult situations and know for sure that any problem can be solved.

Celebrity experts from the Cosmopolitan magazine said that Libras are the calmest. They are less anxious and do not know what depression is.

Libras are always looking for harmony in life and know how to enjoy the little things. They tend to see more good than bad and will not let anyone spoil their mood.

People of this sign hate conflicts and always make sure that their relationships with others are good. It is important for them that their work does not take over their personal life. Tense situations tire them out, so they do everything they can to avoid trouble.

Which zodiac signs are the most nervous and emotional

Astrologers from stylecaster.com told us which zodiacs are the most nervous: they are very susceptible to stress. Here's who's on the list:


Natives of this sign can burst into tears over the slightest problem. They are constantly analyzing their actions and are sure that they could have done things differently. Pisces can easily ruin relationships with others because of their emotionality.


Cancers are very susceptible to stress as they can become depressed by problems both at work and in their personal lives. A wrong word will make them doubt their competence. Natives of this sign are characterized by indecision.


Virgos tend to control everything in their lives, and if something goes wrong, they can make a scandal. Natives of this sign often hide their emotions and cannot tell that they are depressed even their loved ones.

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