The Year of the Dragon: what it will bring to Ukraine and the world

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Year of the Dragon for Ukraine: astrologer's forecast

Let's analyze the totems of the approaching year 2024. I would like to point out right away that the most ancient spiritual cultures and civilizations of our planet started counting the year on the morning after the Winter Solstice (the night of December 21-22 according to the modern solar calendar). Our ancestors, the ancient Slavs, as well as the Celts and other European civilizations, Native American and Asian civilizations, started the year from the night of the Winter Solstice, when the length of daylight began to increase. Modern astronomers also determine the beginning of the astronomical year in the same way.

The Slavic tribes that lived in ancient times on the territory of modern Ukraine had their own tribal totems. However, the tribes interacted with each other, and their totems took turns giving their properties to the year. There were twelve main tribal totems. According to this custom, 2024 will be the year of the Dog (Wolf) totem. The totem will be in effect from December 22, 2023, until the next winter solstice, December 21, 2024.

The Dog (Wolf) symbolizes the powerful forces of Mother Earth in motion and promotes the formation and growth of great achievements. First of all, in the spiritual strength of worthy people, bold projects and all areas of human activity that require courage and dedication. There is an interesting statue on the island of Khortytsia: a Cossack character with a giant gray wolf sitting next to him - this composition undoubtedly fits the description of the totem of 2024.

In other words, Ukraine will experience events such as the revival of the ancient Cossack spirit, bold projects that seem unrealistic at first glance but have every chance of being successfully implemented.

Most astrological schools also start the year from the night of the winter solstice. December 22, 2024 is a Friday, which means that the Sun rises on the day and time of Venus, and thus Venus is the patron saint of the year. In Vedic astrology, Jyotish is the deity of Venus, Shukra. Shukra always rides on a white horse, so on the holiday of Sankranti (Winter Solstice), Shukra rides on a white horse along the celestial paths. Shukra is considered to be a deity who promotes the revival of everything that was considered lost, damaged, or destroyed. That is, this deity, during his travels along the heavenly paths, will help revive ancient knowledge. That is, for example, the knowledge of the Cossack characterists can be recovered.

If we take Middle Eastern and European astrology, the ruler of the sphere of the planet Venus is the nadir Anael ("Hear me, Lord" is the translation of his name from Aramaic), and the symbol of Anael in Kabbalah is a white elephant. That is, the white ele phant is another symbol and totem of 2024. In a year when the power of Anael is spreading through the heavens, the appeal of believers to the Higher Powers is very successful, so justice will be established in many areas of life.

Some Old Believers proclaim the Black Elk as the symbol of the year. The Black Elk (Soh) is a symbol of the awakening of the great forces of Mother Earth. So we are expecting powerful upheavals throughout the planet in 2024. It is possible that earthquakes will become more frequent.

According to Zoroastrian beliefs, the Swan totem will reach the peak of its power on March 22, 2024. The swan is associated with great ideas and attempts to realize them. That is, it will try to take off. If it takes off successfully, the project will be realized. If it fails, the project will get bogged down. In the Year of the Swan, many global financial systems are predicted to rise and fall.

According to the Eastern lunar calendar, the Year of the Green Wooden Dragon awaits us. It will begin on February 10, 2024 and end on January 28, 2025. The dragon is a dreamer. It loves everything otherworldly, magical, supernatural and extremely beautiful.

In the Year of the Dragon, everything related to magic will develop in a powerful way. The Dragon especially likes to reveal the secrets of the underworld, as it is considered its master. It was during the Dragon's years that archaeologists discovered the largest number of caves, cave towns, dungeons, ancient cities abandoned in the jungle, and objects at the bottom of the oceans.

The dragon also loves creativity. Because the Serpent (Dragon) is the creative energy within the human being (Kundalini), which in Asia is symbolized by a green dragon, and in ancient Europe by a red one. Therefore, any creativity and its consequences in the Year of the Dragon will be supported by the totem of the year. The Year of the Dragon will not be calm - like all other years of the Dragon, it will be full of events, many of which will be unexpected.

So, what totems of different spiritual traditions will be active in 2024? Dragon, Swan, Dog (Wolf), White Horse, White Elephant, Moose (Ox). The first two totems are associated with water and air, the last four with the earth element. So we will observe how water and earth in interaction with air (and with the Taoist element of wood, which is close to fire (the fire of life)) change the world. The world we know in 2024 will change so much that we may not recognize it at times.

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