The week before Easter: names and meanings of each day

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From 10 to 15 April 2023, Orthodox believers will celebrate Holy Week

After Palm Sunday, Orthodox believers began an important and mournful period - the Holy Week. These days have long been spent in prayer and spiritual purification, with great emphasis on charity and charity.

Holy Week in 2023 will last from April 10 to 15. Read about the traditions and names of each day in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Holy Monday

The whole week is dedicated to preparing for Easter. During Holy Week, no weddings were celebrated, no name days were celebrated, no newlyweds were married, and no children were baptised. The word "passionate" means "one who suffers". During this week, believers remember the Passion of Christ - the last events that preceded His crucifixion.

According to the Gospel, on these days Jesus came to Jerusalem, was betrayed by Judas for 30 pieces of silver, the Last Supper, the trial and crucifixion of Christ took place.

On Holy Monday, St Joseph is remembered. He, like Christ, was betrayed by people. On this day, Jesus was near a barren fig tree - a symbol of what the human soul becomes in the absence of faith, repentance and good deeds. The dry fig tree represents the Pharisees, who believed only on the surface, not in their hearts.

On Monday, people start cleaning houses and yards.

Holy Tuesday

Holy Tuesday is dedicated to the story of the Last Judgement. On this day, Jesus told his disciples about his resurrection and the forgiveness of sins.

On Tuesday, it has long been customary to work on clothes - washing, ironing, sewing. They also finished embroidering Easter towels.

Holy Wednesday

According to the Gospel, Judas betrayed Jesus on this day. Believers spend Wednesday praying for atonement and confessing.

Maundy Thursday

It is said that on Maundy Thursday you need to bathe before sunrise to be healthy all year round. On this day, people finish cleaning and start baking Easter cakes.

Good Friday

Good Friday is the most mournful day of the year for believers. On this day, Jesus was crucified on Calvary.

Cleaning, sewing, any physical work is prohibited on this day. Christians spend Good Friday in prayer.

Holy Saturday

In the evening, the Holy Fire descends in Jerusalem. Believers remember the burial of Jesus. The last services are held in churches.

Holy Saturday ends with the main Christian holiday, Easter.

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