The warmest day and transition to sleet: weather forecasters surprised with the forecast for the beginning of the week in Ukraine

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A significant cold snap will come to Ukraine on March 28

On Monday, March 27, the weather will remain relatively warm throughout Ukraine. However, starting March 28, the country will experience a significant cold snap.

On Tuesday, a sharp change in weather is expected in the west, north and most central regions of Ukraine: cold snap, stormy winds and heavy rains with sleet. Weather forecaster Natalia Didenko reported on it on Telegram.

On March 28, the weather will remain warm in the east and southeast of our country, but it will get colder there.

In Kyiv, a sharp weather change is also expected on March 28 - a significant cold snap, rain turning to sleet, and strong gale-force winds.

On the first day of the week, March 27, the maximum temperature will be +12...+18 degrees. However, the first signs of the arrival of another air mass will be in the western regions, where the thermometer will not rise above +13.

On March 27, it will rain in the east and western regions. In addition, on Monday, rain may turn into sleet and strong winds in the western part of Ukraine. In the north, center, east and south, no significant precipitation.


It is worth noting that on March 27, in the highlands of the Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, a significant avalanche hazard (level 3) will remain.

Avalanches are possible with low additional loads, some medium and large avalanches. In this regard, Ukrainians were urged to refrain from hiking in the highlands.


Recall that in April, our country is expected to experience variable weather with temperature variations. The second month of spring will be gloomier than March.

Earlier, forecasters predicted that this spring would be cool and dry and that real warmth would come to Ukraine only in the second half of the season.

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