"The time will come - the guilty will be held accountable": patriots in Crimea staged a bold action and warned the occupiers. Photos and videos

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Crimeans are convinced that the time of occupation is running out

In occupied Crimea , patriots have staged a bold new action of resistance. The activists distribute leaflets and other Ukrainian symbols, as well as turn the occupants' Z-symbols into an hourglass.

In addition, on one of the leaflets the Crimeans made a warning to the invaders: "The time will come - the guilty will be held accountable." On March 24, this was reported by the Ukrainian resistance movement "Yellow Ribbon" (to see photos and video, scroll to the end of the news).

"Yellow Ribbon movement activists in Crimea are turning the Z-symbols into an hourglass, which means only one thing - the time of occupation is running out. The time of freedom is coming!" - writes the movement's Telegram channel.

The patriots noted that the struggle in Ukraine's occupied territories continues despite the many challenges Ukrainians face.

Moreover, the resistance of the people is growing every day.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- According to the DIU of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the occupiers in Crimea began evacuation. They are very active in selling their homes and moving their families out of the peninsula.

- Real estate is being sold off cheaply in order to have time before the counter-offensive by the AFU.

- The other day, the Ukrainian flag was once again raised over Crimea - the action took place in the village of Grushevka, Sudak region.

- The patriots in Crimea advise the invaders to "run away while you can".

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