"The time has come": Czech Republic puts up for sale the Neptune model that sunk the Moskva, the proceeds will go to Ukraine. Photo.

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The model of the legendary Neptune is sold at auction

Exactly one year ago, on April 13, the legendary cruiser Moskva, the pride and mainstay of the Black Sea Fleet of hostile Russia, sank in the Black Sea. Immediately afterwards, the Ukrainian anti-ship missile system Neptune, from which the fatal missile was fired, became legendary.

Now its model is up for sale on a platform with the curious name "A Gift for Putin". All proceeds will be used for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces so that they can "present more than one more gift" to the Kremlin dictator.

"The model was provided to us by the country's leader Petro Pavlo back in January. He knew that we would put it up for auction in time. This time has come, thank you, Mr President," the statement said.


The starting price of the lot was CZK 16,000 or USD 755. Bids continue to rise, and the auction will end in 19 days.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, according to Defence Minister Reznikov, the destruction of the Moskva cruiser changed the course of military history for a century, Ukrainian soldiers did the virtually impossible a year ago.

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