"The third trial is waiting": the deceived Russian writer took revenge on the traitor Todorenko

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Todorenko did not pay for the work of a Russian woman

Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina Todorenko, who chose to side with Russia, has been caught up in a high-profile scandal. A few years ago, the traitor decided to write a children's book. To do this, she found an assistant, a young writer named Darina Mishina, whom she promised a fee. After the girl's work was done, the former host of "Orel i Reshka" refused to pay her money. But Darina did not lose her temper and punished the star.

According to Russian media reports, Todorenko recently announced the release of her book titled Regina the Traveller Saves Australia, but Mishina released her work before her without coordinating it with the offender. In addition, the vocalist's pre-order price was not quite as low as 700 rubles (316 hryvnias), while Mishina set the price at 149 rubles (67 hryvnias).

"Revenge... I think this is my main motivation. Perhaps I will face a third trial, or maybe she (Regina Todorenko - ed.) will hire ten writers at once to write ten books for her in a month. I am interested in her next move. I'm looking forward to it," the Russian writer comments on the situation.


She notes that, as the author of the idea, she will be able to implement the entire series of books faster than Todorenko. By the way, the girl mentioned that the sequel, Regina the Traveller in South America, is already ready for recording. The fairy tales resonated with the public and won the first praise.

Mishina mocked the artist by writing in her personal blog: "My dear, congratulate me on the release of the book about Regina the Traveller! I wrote the second part in two weeks. Which of us two do you think will write books on all continents faster and take over the market?"


By the way, since the conflict has been going on for years, the performer filed a lawsuit against the writer for defamation, but the Putinist failed to win. Moreover, Darina herself filed a lawsuit in response, demanding a fee for her work.

Recently, OBOZREVATEL wrote about how Regina Todorenko turned from a favourite Ukrainian TV presenter into a fan of the Kremlin regime and began to "play" against her own fellow citizens. In addition to the scandal with the young publicist, she found herself in more than one unpleasant situation. The blonde was even stripped of her Woman of the Year title.

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