The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine assessed whether the enemy can break through the Ukrainian defenses in the north: how many troops Russia keeps in Belarus

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SBGS speaker Demchenko assessed the threat of invasion from Belarus
SBGS speaker Demchenko assessed the threat of invasion from Belarus

Ukrainian servicemen continue to monitor the situation on the border with Belarus. As of today, no enemy group that could break through the state border has been detected in the neighboring country.

At the same time, Belarus continues to actively support Russia in the war against Ukraine. The speaker of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko told about it on the air of the TV marathon.

According to him, there are about 2,500 Russian servicemen in Belarus today. They are mainly stationed at training ranges and are engaged in training.

"The situation on the border with Belarus remains fully under control. We do not note from the other side of the border that Russia has the necessary grouping that could invade the territory of our country. According to our data, there are about 2.5 thousand Russian servicemen on the territory of the neighboring country, who, as a rule, are involved in training and are at training ranges in Belarus," the SBGS spokesman said.

Demchenko also noted that the terrorist Russian state continues to receive support from Belarus in the war against Ukraine. The occupiers are actively using Belarusian infrastructure and airspace.

"Belarus does not stop supporting Russia in the war it unleashed against our country by providing its infrastructure, airspace, its bases for the Russian military to be stationed there. But the number of Russian servicemen is lower at the moment than it was a few months ago," said a representative of the State Border Guard Service.

In addition, the SBGS spokesman stressed that the Russian occupants have been actively withdrawing their units from Belarus recently. These occupants are taken to the Russian Federation and then moved to the east of Ukraine.

"We used to report that the number of Russian troops in Belarus could reach 10-11 thousand. But as a rule, those units that were trained, Russia withdrew to its territory in order to replenish its forces in the east of our country, where full-scale hostilities are taking place. Recently, more units have been withdrawn from Belarus, but there is practically no replenishment of the units that have been withdrawn," Demchenko said.


As a reminder, the confrontation between our and Belarusian border guards continues on the border between Ukraine and Belarus. The SBGS fighters decided to influence the Belarusians by turning on the air-raid alarm at the post.

Earlier it was reported that military pensioners in Hrodna region of Belarus, which borders on Poland and Lithuania, were handed out submachine guns and were ordered to guard the order. At the same time, pensioners, armed with submachine guns, threatened to "walk to Brussels in tanks."

By the way, the West pointed out the danger for Lukashenko if he agrees to Moscow's entreaties and sends his army to Ukraine. He himself realizes that in such a case, the nation will rise up against him and his authoritarian regime will come to an end.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, in April Lukashenko ordered to start checking the combat readiness of his armed forces. In connection with this, the movement of civilian transport was temporarily restricted.

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