The safest countries for tourists in Europe: Ukraine's place in the ranking

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The safest countries for tourists in Europe: Ukraine's place in the ranking

Where to go on vacation not to worry about their safety? All European countries by and large guarantee tourists their rights. However, there are a few countries where it is not terrible to walk alone at night on the streets of remote areas, and during the day to leave your bag on the bench unattended. Read more about it in the selection of OBOZREVATEL.

According to the latest ranking of the safest countries for tourists, published by the portal Schengen Visa Info, in 2023, the experts evaluated the 39 most popular countries for tourists. Each of them was analyzed by 9 parameters, including the total number of murders, attacks, and deaths on the roads over the past year, the risk of natural disasters, as well as the global peace index.

Ukraine was also included in the sample. However, due to war, constant rocket attacks, and other hazards, it scored 75.1 out of 100 (the higher the score, the worse the safety score). For comparison, Switzerland got 45 points, while Russia got 93.8, practically topping another anti-rating.

Let's take a closer look at the leaders of the top.


5th Place - Luxembourg

One of the smallest countries in Europe boasts a high standard of living for its citizens, a low crime rate, and first place in many world tops. For example, this state ranks 4th in the passport index, and its residents can visit 188 countries without visas.

Luxembourg is ideal for a short vacation because its sights can be bypassed literally in a week. Be sure to check out the old quarter of the capital, Vianden, Mamer Castle, and Larochette during your trip.

The country is famous not only for its historical locations but also for the best wineries in Europe. This craft is represented in almost every village and town in Luxembourg. There are so many different excursions to vineyards and local production of quality wine.


4th place - Denmark

If you type in "Denmark" into a search engine, you will immediately see how many rankings it has topped. It is both the happiest and most comfortable country in the world. And no wonder, because the local authorities have done everything possible to make its citizens live in prosperity and complete safety. So that tourists are treated accordingly.

Prices for accommodation and food in this country are very high, so it is very difficult to organize a budget trip to interesting places in Denmark. But the level of relaxation that provides this picturesque state, you will not find almost anywhere else.

If you've planned a trip to Denmark, put the Øresun Bridge, the forgotten giants of Thomas Dumbo, the Viking Ship Museum, and Frederiksborg Castle on your "must-see" list.


3rd place - Norway

For several years in a row, Norway has topped the ranking of countries with a high standard of living. It is also one of the three happiest countries in the world. Perhaps that's why crime is so low here. And yet here there is almost no unemployment, residents receive very high wages, and the tourism industry is overdeveloped.

Of course, Norway is a lot of historical sites. But here comes primarily the pristine nature. The most popular among tourists are the Seven Sisters Waterfall, Prekestulen Rock, Troll's Tongue, Lofoten Islands, and the colorful city of Olesund.


2nd place - Iceland

Iceland is traditionally included in all possible world rankings with the mark "the most". As confirmation of this - a simple statistical fact: the average life expectancy of Icelanders is the highest in the world.

It is not known what makes this country so comfortable for its citizens: the incredible nature, the abundance of resources, the social policy of the current government, or all together. But tourists who have ever visited Iceland talk about it with admiration.

If you come here, be sure to visit the Valley of Geysers, Reinisfjara Beach with black sand, Skaugaffos waterfall, Skaftafetl cave and Hvitserkur rock.


1st place - Switzerland

Is it necessary to separately advertise the country, which confidently occupies the first place in the ranking of the safest states in Europe? Such a low level of crime as here, there is almost nowhere in the world. This is facilitated not only by the high standard of living but also by the system of law enforcement agencies, aimed at preventing crime, rather than investigating it.

What to say, even the prisons here are like expensive hotels. And the criminals are not punished here, but "re-educated" and socialized. Psychologists and educators work with them to help them get on the right track.

The incredible nature and many historical locations make Switzerland very attractive to tourists. But not everyone can afford to rest in this country. If you still want to go on vacation in this direction, then pay attention to such cities as Zurich, Geneva, Bern, St. Moritz, and Appenzell.


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