The room will be completely different: the ideal color of the carpet for a small room is named

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How to choose the color of the carpet for the room

Home improvement is not an easy task, and among the variety of styles, designs, and decorative items, everyone finds something that they like. The best color for a small room is a subject of ongoing debate among interior designers – and not just when it comes to walls.

You can carefully select paint ideas for the living room, but carpet colors also have an impact on creating the illusion of space and emphasizing interior details. The experts told us which carpet is better to choose for a small room.

Jodie Gatton, interior designer at Brintons, said that dark purple carpets are best suited for creating space.

"A patterned carpet is an inspired way to create an accent, adding interest and character. However, it is important to choose the color and design depending on the size of the room," emphasized Gatton.

Purple carpet

"The color creates an energetic, cheerful atmosphere, which makes it ideal for lively accent spaces. Purple carpets will add depth to the room and make the interior more cozy," the expert added.

Although dark and decadent motifs can be associated with outdated design solutions, Gatton assured that modern purple carpets are a combination of elegance and sophistication that will complement your space.

Lucy Searle, the editor-in-chief of Homes & Gardens magazine, shared her warning: "Purple is a defining color, and if you add a pattern, you limit the space even more. For a living space, I would advise you to choose a color that is much closer to gray than the classic purple. This design will be easier to coordinate and reconstruct."

Some patterns should be avoided in small rooms. Patterns with wide repeating elements do not always work in smaller spaces, because if the motif is incomplete, the room may appear smaller.

Purple carpet and accent details

Hutton noted that the best alternative would be a dark carpet with dense patterns. In large rooms, expanded, bright colors or sprawling abstract designs are effective, and in small rooms, the emphasis should be on small details.

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