The riddle about polar bears will boggle the minds of adults, but children will solve it right away: try yourself

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The riddle of polar bears will break the brain of adults

Children tend to be simpler, more straightforward, and not used to complicating things as much as adults. That's why some tasks and challenges are much easier for them to cope with than for people with a lot of life experience.

Recently, a riddle appeared on the web that confuses even Harvard graduates. This unusual polar bear puzzle shared by Mirror will make you think hard and take a fresh look at the world.

Allegedly, 97% of people who graduated from Harvard were unable to give the correct answer to this puzzle. But 84% of kindergarteners, aged five to six, were able to solve it in less than 6 minutes.

Now, read this puzzling riddle and see if you can solve it.

  • I will make polar bears white and make you cry. I make boys write and girls comb their hair. I make celebrities look stupid and normal people look like celebrities. I brown pancakes and add bubbles to champagne. If you squeeze me, I'll pop. If you look at me, you will pop yourself. Can you solve the riddle?

This riddle definitely looks ridiculous. Polar bears are already white, and people look awkward regardless of their social status. All the statements in the puzzle are unrelated and refer to completely different things and phenomena. This is what makes the puzzle almost insurmountable for adults.

Some people try to think logically and assume that the correct answer is "time", "gas" or "water". But none of you who answered something like that got it right.

However, young children cope with the task almost immediately, because they are not limited by stereotypes and thinking patterns. Their imagination is not constrained by the limits of logic, which allows them to find non-standard solutions.

The correct answer

The secret of the riddle is to ignore the various contradictory clues and instead focus on the last sentence of the puzzle.

There is a direct question "Can you solve the riddle? " and it should be answered with a direct "No".

The riddle contains strange phrases that distract readers from the real question. The only logical and simple answer is that you cannot solve an illogical riddle based on the clues provided.

Of course, you could answer the riddle with a "Yes", i.e. answer the question "Can you solve the riddle?" in the affirmative. However, the most sincere and truthful answer would be "No".

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