The "red nails theory" has gone viral on TikTok: what it is

Yulia PoteriankoLife
The user suggested that the popularity of red manicure is related to our mothers

People continue to be interested in relationships and dating even in the most difficult times. The so-called "red nails theory" that has gone viral on TikTok is dedicated to them.

The trend was launched by a user with the nickname girlbosstown. She shared a story about how to attract the attention of men. However, the reaction to it was mixed, Dexerto writes.

The girl said that every time she did a red manicure, some man would notice it and compliment her or comment on the color. At the same time, the blogger herself admitted that she had always considered red nail polish to be something old-fashioned and suitable for older women.

And then she realized what the point might be. "In the '90s, when we were growing up, women often wore red nails, especially our moms. And strangely enough, I think men are attracted to red nails because they remind them of their moms," said girlbosstown.

She also asked her subscribers to tell her if they had experienced similar situations. And it turned out that many of them also noticed that they received more attention and compliments when they wore red nails. Some commenters also said they would try to test this theory for themselves in the near future.

But there were also those who were skeptical. Some pointed out that this theory resonates with the teachings of Sigmund Freud, which are now considered very outdated and erroneous. Skeptics also pointed out that the color red is simply very noticeable, so it is easier to get a reaction to it.

Meanwhile, the theory continues to spread on TikTok. Users are giving themselves red manicures and sharing their experiences.

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