The rarest eye color in the world is named

Brown eye color is the most common color among people. Source: Pexels

A person's eyes are the mirror of the soul, and their color can be so varied that some of them may surprise you. Unfortunately, we can't always predict what eye color a child will have based solely on their parents.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology conducted a survey in 2014 that showed the most common and rare colors of the human eye.

Brown eyes are usually at the top of the list with 45% of the world's population, followed by blue with 27%, hazel with 18% and the rarest coloring, which only 9% have, is green. However, 1% of people did not choose any of the options offered. According to the results of the genetic study, it was found that all people used to have the same eye color, which is brown. Bue probably appeared only in the last 6,000 to 10,000 years.

The iris can also have such a condition as albinism. That is when the membrane becomes transparent and the blood vessels give it a red or pink color.

Heterochromia is also a rare disease. The peculiarity of the disease is that it gives different colors to the eyes partially or completely. Even though most people have the same eye color throughout their lives, a child's iris color may change during the first year of birth.

Many factors contribute to the change in eye color. For example, it can happen due to illness or injury.

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