The new moon will change everything: what awaits all zodiac signs on February 9

February New Moon calls for play and change

This February, a new moon will be born in the sign of Aquarius at 00:59 on the night of February 9-10. As always, this period is considered a time of rejuvenation and self-expression. It's a time to dream big and make big plans. It's also a time to be a little strange as creativity and mischief are always welcome during the new moon.

The birth of the new moon in Aquarius this time will make us think about our lifestyle and the people around us. Remember that you are the architect of your life and get down to business. Astrologers told us what different zodiac signs will need to pay attention to.


Start treating yourself with tenderness and stop trying to live up to the expectations of others. This is how you will find your people. Most likely, you have been lying to yourself and others. Adopt an alternative way of life as this choice will help you satisfy your need to belong.


Career success is just around the corner. However, when you speak your mind, you may encounter resistance. Your strange and quirky ideas may make your friends and family laugh, and they may be dismissive. Nevertheless, you should get out of your comfort zone and start talking to new people. Getting the opinion of others can give you the hope you need and move you towards your goal faster.


Start studying some strange and quirky topic that few people know about. Of course, people may think you're crazy, but this approach will help you completely change the paradigm of your own thoughts. Follow through with it. You never know what will pay off in the end for being ahead of the trend.


The words you've been needing to say for a long time will come out of you. You are a sign that knows how to be in tune with your feelings and listen to your intuition. During this new moon, take advantage of these abilities. This will help you feel the moment when you need to say important words and take action.


Have you ever wondered how many people love the same things you do? Yes, there are not too many, but meeting such a person becomes a special moment every time. Be prepared to practice emotional availability and show yourself. Leave skepticism aside as now is the time to meet your people. You may find a relationship (friendly or romantic) for life.


A new approach to health and well-being could be exactly what you need to find this day. Try new approaches to self-care or an unusual sport. Right now, you may find what you've been looking for all your life. Experiment like a real scientist. Only experiments bring true discoveries.


Do you want to unwind? Start flirting. Showing off can be a lot of fun. Of course, you should not play with other people's feelings, but a little playful communication will warm your soul right now. Even if you are looking for a long-term relationship or are working on deepening your current ties, a few mutual compliments will be healing for you now.


Stay at home. You can have a lot of fun tending to your own space. Leave the pressure of society at the door and don't worry about your career. You need a reboot, so try to find the strength for it where your heart is, which is at home. A break aimed solely at yourself and your feelings will do you good.


Being open-minded and willing to listen can lead to the next important step in your life. Listen to yourself as well. Write down your feelings and experiences in your diary to help you avoid repeating mistakes. The way you communicate and express yourself begins to change. You may think you believe in one thing, but life will challenge your beliefs.


Judgment is bad, but now you're allowed to be a little bit nosey. Don't hide your opinions when you hear someone talking nonsense, turning down great offers, or talking about something they don't understand. You are also allowed to express frustration now when people insult your intelligence. If you are confident in your knowledge, insist on it. Let others learn from you.


Your intuition has guided you well in life lately, and you should honor it. All you have to do is be yourself. Over the next few weeks, you can enjoy the clarity that intuitive vision provides. Meditation, long walks, and relaxing showers are ideal practices to listen to your inner voice.


Think about what you need to be yourself. Make sure that you stop putting yourself out there for other people. This may make you feel lonely, but it will help you see yourself better. Spend time with yourself and you will feel ready to let other people into your life and how to do it right.

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