The most expensive $700 burger with caviar and gold: crazy sum of money to spend in Drury Beer Garden

The Gold Standard burger, which is on the menu at DBG Restaurant in Center City, Philadelphia, costs $700. Source: nypost.com

Drury Beer Garden, a restaurant that recently opened in Philadelphia, is serving hamburgers for $700.

The insanely expensive burger is called the Gold Standard and consists of beef, caviar, truffles, lobster, Louis XIII cognac, gold leaf and aged Irish cheddar, writes the New York Post.

The burger appetizer is no less exotic. The fries are served drizzled with rare and powerful manuka honey, produced from the nectar of the manuka tree, which comes from New Zealand. The honey can cost up to the not-so-sweet price of $816 online.

The expensive first course is also accompanied by 1 ounce of Louis XIII cognac, aged for at least 40 years and produced in limited quantities by Remy Martin. According to Forbes, the 750-ml bottle costs $4,100.

However, not everyone appreciated the offer of the most expensive burger. Twitter users said they would not dine on the most expensive patty, the story said.

"Instead, I would hold off on the burger and make a donation," others added. "Because people are struggling so much these days (especially with inflation), it's really bad taste," the Network wrote.

What restaurateurs say

"Burgers are some of the most beloved foods around the world," said George Tsiuris, who along with his sister, Vasiliki Tsiuris-Balis, co-owns the restaurant.

"We are excited to provide our guests with amazing, creative and delicious food in our new menu concept," they stressed.

Besides the Waygu cheeseburger, which costs $85, other DGB burgers range from $19 to $23.

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