The moon will line up with 5 planets: when you can see the parade

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A parade of planets

A parade of planets is an astronomical phenomenon when several planets of the Solar System are located close enough to each other in a small sector on one side of the Sun. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter will take part in the July parade of planets.

It will be possible to see the phenomenon even with the naked eye from anywhere in the world. More details were provided by Live Science.

On 7 July, the first conjunction of the Moon and Saturn will take place. A conjunction is an event when two objects appear near each other in the night sky. They will appear in the southeastern night sky early in the morning and will be visible until dawn.

The waning moon will be visible just above Jupiter late at night on 11 July. The brightness of the satellite will be 37%. The next morning, the Moon's illumination will decrease to 27%, and it will be visible just below Jupiter.

On 19-21 July, a parade of the planets closest to the Sun will be visible: Mercury, Venus and Mars.

On 19 July, the Moon will be illuminated by only 5%, so it will be quite difficult to see the astronomical phenomenon without a telescope. Mercury will be very low on the horizon at this time. However, bright Venus will be visible next to the crescent moon.

"Use a magnifying device, find a clear view of the western horizon, and start looking about 35 minutes after sunset," suggests astronomer Jeffrey Hunt.

On 20 July, it will be much easier to see the crescent moon. In addition to being 10% more illuminated, the Moon will rise higher and shine next to Mars. Mercury will remain on the northwestern horizon.

Scientists recommend that when watching the parade of planets, look for the "Da Vinci glow" on the dark part of the Moon. This phenomenon is also called the "earth glow": sunlight reflecting from the Earth's surface hits the darkened part of the Moon. From the outside, it looks like a ghostly glow.

The Moon will be 16% illuminated in the evening of 21 July. It will appear in line with Mars and Venus. Mercury will be visible to the right of Venus.

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