The house will shine: this simple cleaning mixture will give your home a new life

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Life hacks that will make your home cleaner

Housewives spend a lot of time cleaning, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. It takes a lot of effort to get rid of stubborn stains and limescales.

If you don't want to use chemicals, you can make a mixture from natural ingredients yourself. OBOZREVATEL will help you with this.

You need only two products: vinegar and coconut oil. Vinegar has antimicrobial properties and will effectively remove stains and odors. Coconut oil can repel water from surfaces and remove stubborn dirt.

This mixture is most often used to clean taps and sinks. Hard water has a negative effect on appliances, leaving stains and deposits.

To get rid of dirt, mix oil and vinegar in a one-to-one ratio. Soak a cloth in the solution and wipe the surfaces, then rinse with water and wipe with a clean cloth again.

The mixture also works well with limescale. Coconut oil can repel water from surfaces such as showers and mirrors. Make the solution more liquid and use a spray bottle to treat the desired areas. Then wipe with a clean cloth and that will be enough.

This method will not only save you money but also effectively cope with stubborn dirt and stains in the house.

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