The four most "toxic" zodiac signs: they can "take away" energy from others

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Have you ever noticed that some people around you "suck" the energy of their interlocutors? Usually after talking to such people, you feel exhausted, broken, and simply uncomfortable.

Astrologer's publication fabiosa.fr named the five most toxic people according to the zodiac sign. The energy level after communicating with them is close to zero.


He can crush others to achieve his goal. Representatives of this sign have no remorse for betraying a person and often act quietly and secretly. Scorpio is a great manipulator, so you need to be extremely careful when interacting with him.


Aries by nature need to be first in everything, which is why they often try to show those around them that they are the best. People of this sign can deliberately devalue the achievements of their "opponents" to achieve their goals.


Virgos are born perfectionists with one correction: they expect everything to be perfect not only for themselves but also for those around them. If they are not satisfied with something, the representatives of this sign will not stop their efforts until they get what they want.

Virgos always know how things should be and do not accept when things do not go according to their plans.


Sagittarius natives are generally sweet and unassuming, but when they're in a bad mood, everyone suffers. They become very demanding, bossy, and capricious. At such moments, everyone should dance to their tune.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier astrologers named the five most selfish zodiac signs that put their interests first.

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