"The enemy has some plans": Operational Command "South" assessed the threat of missile strikes on Ukraine on Easter

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OP "South" assessed the threat of missile strikes on Ukraine on Easter

The terrorist state of Russia may launch a new missile attack on Ukraine on Easter, despite the fact that it has a small number of Kalibr missiles left. The frontline regions may suffer the most, while the rest of the country may be hit by attacks on critical infrastructure or strategic facilities.

In this way, the occupiers will try to cause as much damage to our economy as possible. Nataliya Gumenyuk, spokesperson for the "South" Operational Command, shared this forecast in a commentary to Channel 24.

She stressed that on April 14, there were 9 Russian ships in the Black Sea, including one submarine with four Kalibr missiles. It has been on duty for several days. The presence of other missile carriers in the basing areas may indicate that they are preparing for the exercise. It will take them 2-3 hours to join the group in the Black Sea. In this regard, Gumenyuk urged not to ignore the air alerts in the coming days.

The spokeswoman for the Southern Defence Forces also suggested that the occupiers are trying to save Kalibrs, as they "have some more plans to continue the full-scale invasion". Their use is usually associated with the destruction of specific objects with predetermined coordinates. For some time, reconnaissance drones were active, followed by guided aerial bombs along the frontline.

Gumenyuk also added that the enemy's activity in the frontline area is evident, and it can be intensified to terrorise civilians. In other areas, the enemy may strike at specific targets.

"We are talking about critical infrastructure and strategic facilities, meaning that damage can be inflicted where it can cause the most damage to the economy. The southern region is usually in the enemy's sights," the Defence Forces spokeswoman said, also suggesting the possibility of kamikaze strikes.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev, Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that Russian troops could launch a massive missile strike on Easter or any other day. However, the defenders of Ukrainian skies are well aware of this and are intensifying their preparations to repel attacks;

- Russia has already used half of its stockpile of long-range anti-aircraft missiles to strike Ukraine. Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion, Russia has already launched at least 8,000 missiles at our country.

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