The dragon won't like it: what not to gift for the New Year 2024

Dragon loves luxury and bright colors

Despite the fact that the Year of the Green Dragon will begin on February 10, we will celebrate its arrival starting from New Year's Eve. In particular, we will give each other gifts for good luck.

According to Chinese philosophy, gifts should be chosen not only in accordance with the animal of the year, but also with the element it represents. So in 2024 it will be a tree. For those who do not want to make a mistake with the choice, OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of gifts that should definitely not be put under the Christmas tree this New Year's Eve - they can anger or upset the owner of the year.

The Dragon itself personifies the element of fire, so you shouldn't give anything related to it this year - the haughty creature will not tolerate competition. Especially considering that this will be the year of the Wooden Dragon, for whom fire is a real threat. Therefore, candles will definitely be a bad choice.

In various mythologies of the world, dragons are closely associated with treasures and riches. So, giving something simple and cute, but cheap, is to anger the owner of the year. Even if you can't give a branded item or something expensive, choose the one that belongs to the highest price category in its segment among all the options. If it's tea, it should be of the highest quality, if it's decorative items, then something unusual and rare, if it's a cup, then it should be made of real porcelain. And so on by the same principle.

Strong odors are also considered a bad choice when the Year of the Dragon comes. So, it's better to postpone the gift of perfume, home fragrances, or scented cosmetics until another occasion.

Also, take a closer look at the color of the item you plan to give. Dragons love bright colors, especially red, and this year green. Therefore, avoid dark and dull objects. Black, beige, gray, brown can anger the mythical creature.

Instead, any gifts made of wood - from tableware to furniture - will be successful. Jewelry and accessories with the image of the Dragon will also be a good choice. If you can, buy various luxury or designer items - they will delight the owner of the year.

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