The cleaning specialist revealed the correct way to wash swimsuits

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A cleaning specialist from the United States showed how to wash a swimsuit

A cleaning lady and blogger from America named Caroline Solomon explained to her subscribers how to wash a swimsuit properly. The expert does not recommend throwing it into the washing machine with other clothes, but rather resorting to hand washing with some nuances.

Thus, the influencer advised to avoid excessive detergents and carefully monitor the water temperature. The corresponding video, which has been viewed several tens of thousands of times, appeared on her TikTok page.

According to Caroline Solomon's recommendation, you should wash from dirt by hand and not abuse hot water. The cleaning expert advised to first rinse the item under a stream of cool water to wash away sand, chlorine, and body cream.

Caroline Solomon explains to her followers how to wash a swimsuit correctly

Then, according to the author of the video, you need to put enough cool water in the sink and add liquid laundry detergent for delicate fabrics. After that, the swimsuit should be rubbed lightly and finally rinsed in clean water.

The swimsuit should be easy to rub

For it to dry quickly, shake the fabric and wrap it in a towel spread out on a flat surface to absorb excess moisture.

A swimsuit should be wrapped in a towel

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