The "bridge" technique, which is effective even for children, will help fall asleep quickly

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How to fall asleep quickly for adults and children

Constant anxiety, stress, and worry lead to insomnia. We live in a difficult time as the war has forced us to adapt to a new reality.

There are standard methods to overcome insomnia: people count lambs, turn on calm music, and ensure complete silence or white noise. OBOZ.UA tells about a little-known technique called "bridge" that will help you fall asleep.

Somnologists recommend the "bridge" technique, which is suitable even for children. With the help of simple tips, you can establish a routine and fall asleep much faster.

The main idea of the technique is to create a smooth and calm transition to sleep. We usually turn off the TV, laptop, or smartphone and go to bed. Moreover, before going to bed, most people read the news or scroll through their social media feeds.

Somnologists do not advise going to bed immediately after turning off gadgets. It is worth coming up with a calm ritual and repeating it every day. This will become a so-called connecting element between activity and sleep. A "bridge" for the transition will create direct associations in the mind and help you understand that it's time to rest.

What rituals should you use as a "bridge"? Choose an activity that you like: read a book, take a bath with aromatic oils, meditate, or listen to soothing music.

The main condition is to establish a habit. The ritual should be repeated daily.

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