The best protectors: which dog breeds are suitable for protection

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The Cane Corso, Akita, and Malinois will be both a good friend and a faithful guardian

One of the best qualities we value in dogs is their ability to be good protectors. And some breeds are more prone to this behavior than others, which is why they are separated into a separate group - watchdogs. As a rule, they have a strong sense of attachment to their family. They are alert, observant, intelligent, and obedient. The ideal watchdog is usually large, fearless, and easy to train.

The Spruce Pets publication has featured dozens of breeds that exhibit these traits more than any other. They'll make good protectors and companions. But it is important to train them so that they do not show aggression, so you can learn to control your dog and find a delicate balance between defense and attack.


This brave and alert breed was bred to protect the imperial family and nobility in feudal Japan. Akitas are characterized by a suspicious attitude towards strangers and loyalty to their owners. This breed takes its purpose seriously and usually performs guard duties with little or no training. However, it needs proper socialization to learn how to restrain aggression.

Belgian Shepherd Dog or Malinois

Active and athletic, this breed is a favorite of police and military personnel. The Malinois has developed agility, search and rescue skills, and is easy to learn. This dog has a high level of energy and feels best when there is a lot of work and training. This, in particular, allows for better socialization of the breed.


This breed was bred by hunters to protect their game from poachers. Bullmastiffs can be intimidating just by looking at them. In fact, this dog is naturally attached to its family, which makes it an excellent companion. But you will have to train the animal systematically to strengthen its natural guarding instincts.

Cane Corso

The breed was bred to be used as a guard, fighting, and hunting dog. The large size, heavy build, and dark color of the animal help to scare off intruders. And the guardian instincts help the Cane Corso fulfill its tasks. Training of the breed should focus on obedience and honing natural skills.

German Shepherd

The legendary breed is suitable for any task - from serving in the army and police to playing in movies and raising children. German Shepherds demonstrate a deep sense of loyalty to their family members. However, without proper training, they can show timidity and nervousness, which can result in aggression. Therefore, the breed needs long and focused training.

Doberman Pinscher

The bad reputation and excessive aggression attributed to Dobermans is rather a myth. These dogs are very affectionate with their family, obedient, and even like to play naughty. They may even ignore strangers if they do not feel threatened by them. Dobermans often do a good job of defense with little or no training. However, proper training makes them perfect and independent guards.

The Komondor

This breed cannot be confused with any other due to its white coat, which is tousled into dreadlocks. These strong and brave animals were bred to protect livestock and property. Commondores are very affectionate with their family, but they are reserved and even suspicious of strangers. Proper socialization will make the dog both an excellent protector and a wonderful companion.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Originally, this breed was intended to participate in hunting large animals. However, it turned out that Ridgebacks also tend to be extremely affectionate with their human family and loyally protect them. This breed does not require separate training in guarding skills, but special classes greatly develop these skills. Ridgebacks must be taught to obey and follow commands.


Despite its reputation as an aggressive breed, the Rottweiler can be a real cuddle pillow with its people, but at the same time a fearless protector for them. These dogs are usually very wary of strangers and do not let their guard down until they are sure that the stranger is not a threat. Rottweilers need socialization, structure, and tasks that define their daily activities.

Tibetan Mastiff

It is almost impossible to pass by this vigilant giant. Historically, this Tibetan watchdog guarded caravans of people and herds in the Himalayas and drove away wolves and snow leopards. Today, these dogs have learned to be calm with their families, but they still don't trust strangers. They are not an affectionate breed, which is why they need special training and education.

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